C-Kay Two

Greetings from the future.

I hope you are well. How many of you are still even here, I wonder.

It has been seven years since I last wrote here (Seven years...Father God).

Maybe even logged in. It feels like just yesterday that I spent all of my free time on here talking shit with my friends in communities we built for ourselves.

I find myself constantly thinking about the future. But I suppose that's not much different from seven years ago. But it is very different, y'know?

Dashed dreams molded and shaped into new ones. Things I previously thought impossible have been made possible and thensome. I'm a little braver now. A little stronger. And wiser, I hope.

I still daydream. I'm not yet satisfied. And I still want just a little bit more.

I'm still in constant search of myself and I'm beginning to accept that that never really ends.

I'm not entirely sure what prompted this trip down LJ lane but reading past posts put a much needed smile on my face. Friends, if any of you are still here, thank you for being a part of something that once brought me so much joy.

Maybe I'll post here again. Maybe I'll get a blog like the rest of the world.

Later days,

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